i miss you guys.

like i’ve been gone for a while & i’m starting to miss my im5 family. 

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Posted on May. 26 2014 10:38PM


My new lock screen…I know Will I’m ugly…you have long fingers! LOL so random!

But you know what the best thing about long fingers are? ;)

long gloves? (;
Hey babe it's your valentine just swingin on over to say that your rapabooty is out of this world ;) *insert picture of space* ❤


dat compliment doe. 

lol. thanks bae <3

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Hey bby it's your valentine here :) just poppin by to say that you're so beautiful and I love you and you're very important ❤😊

omg. you’re amazing! <3 love me forever!

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hey cutie-pie :) its your valentine and i just wanted to let you know that you look awfully beautiful today-your secret admirer ;)

HELLO ily. lol. thanks sugar cake. <3

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Posted on Jan. 29 2014 7:19PM

DanaIM5: There are some things you just have to do.
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Posted on Jan. 28 2014 7:08PM

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5er Valentine's Day Thing


So Valentine’s day is in about a month, and I know it can get especially lonely for some. Everybody deserves somebody, right? You deserve somebody to make you feel special.

So this is what I came up with for 5andom. It’s nothing special. It’s just a basic thing.

Here’s what you have to do:

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